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Dijon Mustard

Product Description

Dijon mustard is a traditional french mustard, named after the town Dijon in Burgundy.

As Dijon mustard is a condiment, it can be used as a spread any time mustard is called for when you prefer a more potent mustard flavor.  Dijon is the perfect pairing for a corned beef or pastrami sandwich on rye bread since a spicy mustard is called for.

But this tasty, prepared mustard is also a key ingredient in many different recipes, such as vinaigrette and sauces as a little bit of Dijon goes a long way. Dijon mustard is also a common ingredient in salad dressings providing a bit of tang as well as a nice thickness. It is also used in many barbecue recipes as a flavorful layer that helps keep a rub on the meat.


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