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Wasi Seaweed Pesto

Product Description

Our Story 

Claire O'Sullivan was raised on a small family farm just outside Bantry town in Southwest Ireland. Growing up, seaweed played a fundamental role in the health of the land and her family- for many generations in Ireland, gathering and spreading seaweed on the land was key for encouraging fertility and a successful harvest.

In recent times, remembrance of this ancient gift from our seas has been slipping away--Claire strives to have seaweed reintegrated into our food culture.

Claire's secret weapon is her amazing partner Eli, who had a strong affinity for the sea from a young age. He could swim before he could walk! From the age of ten, he and his younger brother would sneak out of home before the morning light to go to work on the fishing boats in Bantry. By twelve he was skipper and has been working on boats and the sea ever since.

Eli always looks forward to a day connected to the sea whether on shore collecting seaweed, out on his boat fishing or greeting the sunrise driving the local ferry.

Together they make all the WASi products, hand harvesting, mixing, bottling and blending. Their passion for seaweed, it's healing and nutritious qualities have led them to establish WASi. Creating delicious, user friendly products they are determined to see seaweed back on kitchen tables everywhere for all to enjoy. For them, there isn't another form of vegetation on the planet possessing such a perfect balance of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Ginger & Sesame Seawrack Pesto

This is the pesto that inspired the creation of WASi , we have been making this for our own use for many years but again and again friends would ask us for jars.

It has the most subtle flavour of all our pestos, this works well with poached eggs in the morning or mixed through your favourite quinoa salad.

Chilli and Lemongrass Seaweed Pesto

Amazing on cheese and this will bring a wonderful kick to any noodle dish, this Asian influenced pesto is a great one to convert non-seaweed enthusiasts.


Garlic and Lemon Seaweed Pesto

This is our best seller since launching. An absolute hit with baked fish, a treat on crackers and cheese or simply mixed through pasta.
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