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Ummera Smokehouse

Product Description

Ummera Irish Smokehouse

Anthony Creswell’s award winning Ummera Smokehouse is situated in rural West Cork, by the banks of the Argideen River. At the smokehouse, which has been in existence for over 40 years, Anthony concentrates not only on superior quality but also environmentally friendly production practices.  He is a second generation artisan, with the business originally run by his father Keith. It’s now one of this country’s most famous and prestigious artisan productions. Ummera smokes Irish organically reared salmon as well as chicken, duck, bacon and picanha beef. The natural flavour and texture of the salmon, blended with careful curing, and gentle smoking over smouldering oak fires ensure that you will enjoy the finest smoked salmon.  Being the original Irish producer of smoked chicken, Ummera create a beautiful delicate product, flavourful, moist, and highly versatile.

Smoked Duck 

Marinated in a brine of sea salt and raw cane sugar, then hot smoked over oak sawdust fires, the flavour and succulence of the duck breast is amazing; serve on a slice of ripe pear and a trace of light vinaigrette sauce

Smoked Chicken 

Crown of Irish Chicken, cured overnight in a brine of pure sea salt with a sprinkle of organic raw cane sugar, and then cooked and smoked over glowing oak sawdust fires.

Delicious to eat just as it is, slice thinly and serve in a salad or in a sandwich. Be creative and add it to pasta, a white sauce and some smokey bacon.

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